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History of Munster Education Foundation


"It takes a whole village to raise one child" African Proverb

Linking the Schools & the Community - To teach our children

The Munster Education Foundation has four goals:


Raising funds to promote Foundation activities

Since its formation in 1992, the foundation has supported education through memberships, tributes and donations.


Funding grants to enhance student learning

Thousands of dollars are awarded, supporting the development of innovative programs that would normally fall outside the resources of the school. Grants have supported many special projects! Please visit our past grant page for a detailed listing of the past grants funded.


Establishing partnerships within the community

The foundation works to match the needs of the school with the resources and expertise of our community.


Strengthening ongoing dialogue between the community and schools

The Munster Education Foundation offers a forum for sharing ideas and concerns in the schools and in the community. The board includes representatives from the schools, parents, students and the community.