Get the Education License Plate
Support Munster Education Foundation
Open Doors of Opportunity
For Indiana youngsters knocking on tomorrow's doors of opportunity, education will be the key.
Spread the Word about Education
Every mile you drive, you'll send the message that you are "Committed to Education." And you'll remind others too, about its value.
Support Your Munster Public Schools
By selecting the Indiana Department of Education license plate, you are making a contribution that goes directly to the Munster Education Foundation. The Munster Education Foundation uses the funds to provide grants to teachers throughout the Munster Schools for new and innovative education experience that are not covered by the current school budget.
Get the Education License Plate
Just $40 puts your commitment on your license plate, $15 covers plate administrative costs, $6.25 funds the Elementary School Counselor Grant Fund, and $18.75 goes directly to the Munster Education Foundation. When you renew your vehicle registration ask for the Indiana Department of Education license plate that reads "Read On Indiana." You'll open doors of opportunity for Munster students and spread the word about the value of public education.
For more information on ordering the license plate, please send us an e-mail and we'll send you a brochure or go to for more information.